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Fumiaki by Kame-Ghost
I've been playing a pokemon x-locke recently and heres the Lucario i got owo/

His names Fumiaki the Lucario and hes quiet in nautre. He often writes out things that are on his mind on a slip of paper rather than speak them. Not that he cant talk he just chooses not to. He also enjoys drinking tea.

I'm thinking of doin something with him and the rest of my team later but i need a cool team name first and some other stuff so yeah
Mikan Tsumiki by Kame-Ghost
Mikan Tsumiki
Last year i watched a lets play thing of Super Danganronpa 2 and my favorite character is Mikan Tsumiki shes my wife and is precious to me
i really like this one so yeah
Marshall 2015 by Kame-Ghost
Marshall 2015
Was going to update Marshall too but I liked his hat thing too much to change it so here he is again
Hakaido 2015 by Kame-Ghost
Hakaido 2015
Since i updated Thomas a while back i decided to update Hakaido too so here he is


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey! I'm Kame-Ghost. Eevee Butts.

Current Projects:
-Subway's Nuzlocke
-Eating your food
So yeah I've decided to do an egglocke in my OmegaRuby game uvu (I was going to do a wonder trade locke thing but you cant name the pokemon you get and thats no fun)

I guess i'll explain what an egglocke is for those who don't know: Its a nuzlocke but each route instead of catching a pokemon you hatch an egg someone gave you as your catch for the route (does that make sense? Idk). 

So basically i need people to trade me eggs ;v; I would really appreciate it if you picked a random pokemon, bred it, and traded me the egg. You can do up to 3 eggs per person, just cause idk why. Umm what else...if you can try to pick diverse pokemon; something nobody would pick. I'd rather not have a team full of starters (as cool as that would be;;;) but if i did that would be fine too.

My FriendCode is 4957-3118-8711 for those who dont have it. Just leave yours in the comments and I'll be online for the next hour or so to get the eggs. Also I've only got poochyenas, wingulls, wurmples, and zigzagoons to trade so sorry ;v;

Thanks! owo/ 
  • Watching: Danganronpa 2 Letsplay
  • Playing: Omega Ruby

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Are you going to be around on Skype again soon? I'd like to talk with you again :D
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