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New ID: Anime Sword Style by Kame-Ghost
New ID: Anime Sword Style
Needed a new ID cause i've had that old one for forever. So i decided to draw that one id thing my friends :iconcamptainamerica: and :iconfaeriety: did a loooooong time ago (im so late to this party rip).
 My weapon would be a Brave Sword from fire emblem because im uncreative and i like how they look. I think this turned out pretty good so im happy uwu
Rover by Kame-Ghost
Ok i caved and drew another animal crossing character. This time its Rover! Who i love (even tho hes only in the game for like 2 seconds)!
K.K. Slider by Kame-Ghost
K.K. Slider
Decided to take a break from danganronpa (which i was drawing because i was taking a break from smash lmao) to draw animal crossing stuff. So heres K.K. Slider. Will i draw other characters? Maybe. I dunno.

What does K.K. even stand for?
I'm in a card game anime by Kame-Ghost
I'm in a card game anime

Look its the return of anime me owo

If you didnt already know, I'm a huge pokemon trading card game player. Its something I love to do but I spend way too much money on it rip my wallet. I got my family playing too so i can practice at home and then on weekends i go to a cardstore and play with friends uwu 

My favorite card is N because i love N and its a super useful card. Too bad hes rotated out but i can still play him in expanded ;v;
Rorylocke Page1, Part 1 by Kame-Ghost
Rorylocke Page1, Part 1
OK so i know what youre thinking: "Kame youve started so many nuzlockes before (like 3 or so), how do I know youre gonna keep up with this one?" And the answer is you dont. In fact its more likely that i wont stick it through the end but even so i  want to see how far i can get this time >:v

Now that thats outta the way here are some words:
- Yes that title stuff is the exact same as subways nuzlocke because im uncreative
- Yes that is the same Rory from the OCT i was in like forever ago
- I really liked drawing that first panel like a lot
- Its called Rorylocke because again i am uncreative
- Don't expect the next page to show up anytime soon idk how long it will take to finish rip
- Yes his hair is naturally shaped like that
- I was originally gonna make this one big page but i decided to split it into parts to help me get motivated to finish them cause it doesnt take as long to finish one part.


Kame-Ghost's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey! I'm Kame-Ghost. Eevee Butts.

Current Projects:
-i dont even know
So yeah I've decided to do an egglocke in my OmegaRuby game uvu (I was going to do a wonder trade locke thing but you cant name the pokemon you get and thats no fun)

I guess i'll explain what an egglocke is for those who don't know: Its a nuzlocke but each route instead of catching a pokemon you hatch an egg someone gave you as your catch for the route (does that make sense? Idk). 

So basically i need people to trade me eggs ;v; I would really appreciate it if you picked a random pokemon, bred it, and traded me the egg. You can do up to 3 eggs per person, just cause idk why. Umm what else...if you can try to pick diverse pokemon; something nobody would pick. I'd rather not have a team full of starters (as cool as that would be;;;) but if i did that would be fine too.

My FriendCode is 4957-3118-8711 for those who dont have it. Just leave yours in the comments and I'll be online for the next hour or so to get the eggs. Also I've only got poochyenas, wingulls, wurmples, and zigzagoons to trade so sorry ;v;

Thanks! owo/ 
  • Watching: Danganronpa 2 Letsplay
  • Playing: Omega Ruby

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